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Smoky Monkeys are an Edinburgh based improv group, proven to be significantly better than the unsmoked variety.


Dutch Monkey

Marijke is a master of disguise, and in the past has successfully managed to convince people she is Scottish! Unfortunately, this is the only accent she can mimic. She is also shit at the alphabet and rhyming, but great at impersonating a sad t-rex.


Bumblebee Dave

Steven is just a guy who’s trying to make his way in this crazy, crazy world. He’s into long walks on the beach, eating out, pork?, traversing promenades, eating in, sauntering along the coast and aggressive post-sex brawling.


El Monkey

If you've ever wondered what it's like to swim with space tuna off the coast of Jupiter's moons, then you'll understand.


Top Knott

Five times runner up in the Pimlico beatboxing championships, this beautiful stranger is on a mission to your mind, muthafucka.


Cabbage Dragon

Seriously? I have to write a fucking bio for the twatting website? Can't you do it? I don't care what it says. Just write anything.


Barry is a total bell-end and we all hate him.



In 1998 Charles was part of a crack commando unit who were sentenced to prison by a military court for a crime they probably didn't commit. He now survives as a soldier of fortune in the Leith underground. So, if you have a problem, and if you can find him then perhaps you could hire him to help you with that problem. Unless you are a fool. He pities fools. Oh, and no air travel either.


Actual Monkey

Tamarin loves herself, but that's OK because we all do. She's by far the best monkey and funniest.

Another skill she has is hacking websites...


Tech Monkey

Nobody knows for sure what makes Jules. There's definitely some sugar and spice but she's also addicted to other condiments, so for god's sake hide your turmeric.

Our Shows

An Imp-Revised History of the World

We're back for a 3rd year at the Edinburgh Fringe, with our full-house show. This time expect more musial mayhem.

Ever wondered what might happen if Queen Victoria met Genghis Khan? In this totally improvised comedy, the audience choose which chapters of history they want to see rewritten. After two years of full-house performances at the Fringe, Edinburgh's own Smoky Monkeys are back again demonstrating that everything you thought you knew about history is in fact completely wrong. Prepare for inaccurate historical knowledge and made-up musical numbers! Tell your grandchildren that you saw history made up before your very eyes. 'Funny and enjoyable' (TheWeeReview.com). 'Exactly what an improv group should be' (EdFringeReview.com).
Bar Bados - Room 2
4-25 August

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